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Air Washer Systems


S.B. INDUSTRIES manufacturing double skin Evaprative Air Cooling units of higher Capacity 800 CFM to 200000 CFM--application and requirement.--- temperature drop with respective atmosphere is 6 to 12 deg centigrade.


Technical Specifications

We are manufacturing evaporative cooling unit type air washers in single & double skin configurations Casing The standard Aluminum Hollow profile, pannel thick 25mm Insulation P.U.F Outer Colour coated Sheet. Inner GI plain Sheet, BLOWER centrifugal type Forward Curved, Wet and Dry sections, water re circulation system, using cellulose pads Fresh outside air is pulled through moist pads Filter section easly slided for 50 mm thick Pre Air Filter Box type washable type & canvas Etc.

Industrial. Restaurant & Bar, Residential, Institute, Showroom, Shopping Mall, Generator Room, Etc.
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